The Mechanical Hearts have a history of making great original music. For over 30 years, the band has crafted strong melodies, chords and lyrics, writing from the heart of life's experience. The 1990 single 'Precious Time' is now a much sought-after recording on vinyl.

Now newly reformed, the band's material is stronger than ever before. With Nick Jones on Guitar, Craig Westwood on Vocals, Russ Sargeant on Bass and Stefan Kowalczuk on Drums, they are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

The name 'The Mechanical Hearts' comes from a lyric from 'TV is King' by 70's rock band, The Tubes - "I wish I was the man with the mechanical heart, I'd conquer all my enemies alone, I'd tear the guys apart, then scatter the pieces."

Maybe if it's ever gonna work, better make it happen ///